Upcoming os of ubuntu

Canonical is already working on the next version of Ubuntu, which will be long-term support (LTS) with a curiosity, instead of the 3 years of support that was offered for each version, this time will be 5 years. Good news for those who do not usually update as often. LTS to Ubuntu 4.12 has been chosen name, Precise Pangolin, Pangolin something like precise and publication schedule is as follows:     
December 1, 2011 - Alpha 1  
2 February 2012 - Alpha 2    
March 1, 2012 - Beta 1     
March 29, 2012 - Beta 2     
April 19, 2012 - Release Candidate (RC)     
April 26, 2012 - Final version there are only a little over six months to see what we offer at Canonical will be his first LTS with Unity.

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