Change url of my blog

One of my friend told me that he is bored with his current blog URL,and he want it to make a new one.
For that ,this post will surely help him and my readers .
To change the URL of your blog (Blogspot) ,follow the step :
Sign into your blog. Select the blog you you want to change the URL name.
Select the Settings Tab.
Under Settings select Publish

Here is where you have 2 options to change your blog's URL. The first option is to enter a purchased domain name. A purchased domain name will remove the extension '' and end with .com/or org . Currently Google offers to set you up with a domain name right on this page through a Google partner for $10.00. There is payment options all right there to get you set up..

The second way to change your Blog's URL is to simply type in a new name in the text area provided. You will need to check for availability just as you did when you created your first blog's URL.
Complete the word verification and save changes and you are all set.
Note : Keep in mind that if you change your URL any links related to your previous URL will not be saved to your new blog URL.

All your query are kindly requested to post on the Comment Box :)

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