How to Create a OS in C #

Want to create a OS? Well now you can become something more "simple" normal.The requirement, of course est, namely C #, a bit of assembler and play. The project is under the new BSD license. It is free software, but the boys of the project have not yet adapted to MonoDevelop .... : (

To begin to rub shoulders, first you will have that will download software that is installed by default in the Visual Studio. Here you have your website:

It will find all the necessary documentation to install and get started. Also I am going to leave a reference to a manual very good that you can make enough profit. This is a text Brandom F. teaches you the basics of programming of kernels, as well asoperations BSIC. I leave the link:
And finally I leave, just in case you need to take a look, a wikibook about C # that this very well: C3% ADtulo_1
That's all, greetings!

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