Installing GNU / Linux on a Pen Drive from Windows!

lest you bad things happen to your grub or windows for wanting to install some GNU / Linux on a Pen Drive to carry it everywhere, I bring you this mini-guide easy to follow. I notice you do a standard installation of the distribution, but rather addressed to the USB HD is very bad idea.

Download LiLi  if you have not already downloaded and installed on your system.
LiLi USB Creator Starts this in Men Start -> All Programs -> USB LinuxLive Creator.

Create a live version of a distribution of GNU / Linux is as easy as Follow these five steps:

Choose a Pen Drive or check the list of Pen Drive available.
select an ISO image or CD inserted with the distribution of GNU / Linux you want to install on the Pen Drive.
Choose the size of the space persistent (persistent data), usually is between250MB to 2GB, not using space har persistence to erase everything that you download / Believe in your distribution.
check the other options you want ...
Finally, you click on the light to start Botn creation.

Moreover, each of the important steps (1.2 and 3) have a semaphore lightsindicating their status, this is your apreciacin:

Red Light: Step not properly finished, podrs not start the creation of the USB versionof your distro.
Orange light: there is a problem in this step, even as, you can create the live versionof the distribution.
Green Light: so good!

That would be all

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