Add Pokki web applications to the bar of Windows 7

Pokki is a new application that lets you add Web applications to your taskbar inWindows 7. much bonitou

Pokki is an application built low Chromium framework which allows developers to build web applications that can be anchored and executed from the Windowstaskbar.

These web applications are not only automatically added to the taskbar, but also have notifications!

The list of applications currently available include: Gmail, Tweeki (for Twitter), Facebook, Headlines (RSS feed reader), LivingSocial, Groupie, The Wall Street Journal, and eBay.

To install Pokki must go to the page of the application in which we find the list of different web apps available, we have to install them individually, this is a good thing because we have so many things we do not need. For example, I chose that of Gmailsoon thereafter as an installer and then download the installer will download to PokkiPokki and Gmail.

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