Hotkey in wondows 7

Besides the new features of Windows 7, Microsoft has also added new hotkeys, which provides greater control over your operating system.
Windows + Up Arrow used to maximize the current window, either the Windows Explorer, a web browser window, or any other application.WINDOWS + Left Arrow Sets the current window to the left covering the left half of desktop space.WINDOWS + right arrow adjusts the current window to the right and cover half of the right side of the desk.Windows + Down minimizes the windows taskbar.WINDOWS + Spacebar All windows become transparent, revealing the desktop.WINDOWS + T Displays thumbnail previews of running applications.WINDOWS + P is used to adjust the display settings of your computer screen or projector.WINDOWS + (+ / -) (Increase / Decrease) Launches a magnifying glass that can be used to zoom in and zoom out.SHIFT + click an item in the taskbar opens a new instance of the application where you clicked.WINDOWS + F Start Windows Search.WINDOWS + XSE used to run the Windows Mobility Center.WINDOWS + EAbre Windows Explorer.Windows + [number] Used to run the applications placed on the taskbarWINDOWS + 1 runs the application that ranks first in the taskbar, similarWINDOWS + 2 implementation runs at the second and so on.WINDOWS + TAB task switch Enables Windows Aero.WINDOWS + BREAK Loading System Properties window.CTRL + Windows + F Search for computers when connected in a network.CTRL + SHIFT + click the icon [taskbar] is used to open a new instance with administrator privileges, the application for which you clicked.ALT + D Select the Address bar.Win + Alt + [number] Open the pop-up lists of the applications located on the taskbar.WINDOWS + B Toggle control one by one the icons on the system tray.SHIFT + right mouse button on an icon in the taskbar menu Show application window from the taskbar.CTRL + Shift + N Create a new folder in Windows Explorer.ALT + Up Up one level in the folder structure in Windows Explorer.SHIFT + right-click on a file This option copies the file path to the clipboard.SHIFT + right-click on a folder open a command window with the command prompt in that folder.SHIFT + right click on an icon in the taskbar groups are used to activate the Windows menu to the group.CTRL + click a button on the taskbar groups are used to move between the windows of the group.Win + G Move between screen gadgets.Ctrl + Esc Open the Start menu.CTRL + SHIFT + ESC is used to open directly the Windows Task Manager.

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