[Tutorial] How to Make a Network Cable

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As some know I am currently studying Civil Engineering with specialization in Telecommunications Electronics, as an essential part of telecommunications,networks are.

In a practical laboratory, we showed and we were asked us to make a network cable, which gave us all the tools to create one and then test its operation.

Well, today I bring the realization of such a laboratory so that everyone knows how itmakes cable network from scratch.

What We Need?
UTP Cable (Cable In this lab we will use Category 5e)
Two RJ45 connectors
Crimp Tool (especially for the creation of network cables or telephone cables)
Ethernet Tester (Optional)
How We Do It?

We begin by collecting some of the implements.

In this case you can see 1 meter Cat 5e UTP cable, the 2 RJ45 connectors, theCrimp (which looks like a pair of pliers) and the network cable tester.

In this case, used Crimp brings a knife to strip the cable to the normed distance of 1.7 cm. by Ethernet cable standards outlined by the ITU and the IEEE.

Here you look at the internal cables which will help us create our connection.

Here we see two types of provisions for internal cables which are neatly inside theRJ45 connector.

We have two rules for cable connectors. T568A and T568B.

Now there are two types of connections. The parallel connection is used to make connections between PC-switch, PC-HUB, etc..

The crossover is used to make PC-PC connections, Switch-Switch, HUB, HUB, etc.

Parallel connection is made using the T568A wiring diagram in the originalconnector and the connector end T568A or T568B on the original connector and the connector end T568B.

Cross connection is made using the T568A wiring diagram in the initial and T568Bconnector on the end connector, or vice versa.

Now something very important is the distribution of pins on the RJ45 connector. In thediagram above shows the distribution of them.

Now with a lot of calm, ordered the cables and put them into the RJ45 connector.

Put the connector, with the care that the cable does not get out of it, in the space provided for it in the Crimp.

And tight. This will make the pin fall so they touch the wire and create a connectionbetween the wire rope and pin RJ45 connector.

Repeat the process for the terminal connector depending on the configuration required.

Finally, if we have a cable tester, plug it in and do the testing.

We see the green light and the message "PASS" for our connection has beensuccessful and therefore the cable is ready for use.

This we have done our cable network ready to be used for the purpose they want.

Well with that I say goodbye, I hope you liked it.

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