Black Screen of Death in Windows 7: Troubleshooting, Repair and Prevention

Well, the news is already known by everyone. The latest security updates forWindows 7 could be the accusers of the "Black Screen of Death". General system failure that leaves a black screen and my PC browser only content.

Method 1: Black Screen of Death after Windows update

- Restart the PC
- Login and the black screen is displayed
- Make sure you have internet connection
- Press CTRL + ALT + DEL simultaneously and open the Task Manager
- Select the Applications tab and click New Task button, located on the bottom right.
- In Open enter the following command C: \ Program Files \ Internet Explorer \iexplore.exe
- Press OK and download Prevx Fix Tool
- When finished downloading press the Run button to install the application
- When you finish installing reboot again and enjoy Windows 7

Method 2: Restore the system

- Start in Safe Mode Windows 7
- Restore the system to a restore point before the update

Method 3: Antivirus

- Start in Safe Mode Windows 7
- Run your antivirus of choice. I recommend Eset Smart Security

Fixed the problem, often black screen persists. To solve this problem, Windows 7start again in safe mode and change the display settings. Note that the monitorrefresh rate is fixed at 60 Hertz.

If you want to prevent before it happens, immediately after installing windows 7patched easily you can download it here

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