Project - Trojan in Java

1.0 TroJava
Well folks given that some are secured to Java (I see very few post and there are tutorials), and I think it's because many think that this language is for enterprise-level software y7o very seriously ... Well in this project want to show that we can create our RAT, Virus and other "malwaritos" so as we do with VB or C / C ++...
Java is a programming language object-oriented high level so it will be very easy to program in it, plus is so multi-platform "virus for all" xD ...
Well first things first, and ask what we do and the order in which we will do:
1. Planning of what we do.
1.1 Platform (SO)
1.2 Type of execution
1.3 Software to use
2. Execution of the planning
2.1 Creating a shell
2.2 Creating and understanding the Sockets
Mini 2.3 Java chat
3. Creation of TroJava
3.1 "Configure" our chat
3.2 Create the inverse
3.3 Connect the mini-projects
3.4 Applying fixes
4. Creating Interfaces
4.1 APPLICABILITY visual themes
5. Share to the Community
Buan as we planned what we will carry out the project now include all (including me) are just "starting" with java, and I mean that we will explain everything step by step, no one understands things up which made them, so thank we use something called Comments in Java and any derivative of C / C + + are done with / / or / * * / (for comments mucahas lines) ...
All clear?, Which as we start:
1. Planning
1.1 Platform (OS): Well folks this election is very simple, we said that java is multiplatform but equally some commands code changes depending on the OS, so we choose an OS (Which is going to attack), bone where it will run the trojan xD and logical choice, we will run on Window $ OS (initially), and the client on the other hand if you are going multiplatform or able to manipulate the machine from any OS (that has java installed obviously) ...From here we will use the following names, Core and Runner, that I may better understand the core of the Trojan will be the "evil" for calling him somehow, and the Runner who will send orders to the Core, I do not Client and Server call to avoid confusion, since the beginning will make a direct connection but end up with connection insurance Invesa and get confused ... but later understand why not to worry ...
1.2 Type of execution: The first type will ejcucion console mode, it will be very nice xD besides that also learn a bit of it, which teaches us this method of july and I'm sure Trojan "Dominate the world! JAJAJAAJAJ ¬ ¬ "xD ... naaa but if you learn a lot ...
1.3 Software used: Well here if each person's choice, at the risk of being told "easy" or any other denomination I personally use Netbeans 7.0.1, pc can use who want ... I recommend this and / or the eclipse are the best IDE I've seen although many also say that JCreator is very good I have not tried.
Good to leave here for now, I will prepare some things for later and then expect to see enthusiasm from all the "Javer" xD, for this proyevto, I can say in advance that can be read on the following Guides Greetings ... ~ fgarcia/doc/tuto2/V_2.htm

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