Tutorial To Create Blackberry Applications

What are APIs? and Why should I sign?The first thing to know is that Research In Motion (RIM) should track the use of some Application Programming Interfaces (API's, for its acronym in English) on the BlackBerry ® Java Development Environment (JDE) to a security control, this means that they watch to some extent that the application will not be used to make such user information.
In the reference documentation of the APIs, the APIs listed that require signing by a padlock or simply where noted your request.If you use these APIs in classes (files. Java) or code of your applications, they must be signed with a key, or signature, provided by RIM before the application can load the file. Cod on the device. When you load an unsigned application to the device that will give an error ""Here I leave you some examples of APIs that need signing:

Note: Registration and signing of applications will only be required when the application needs to run on the device. The signature is not necessary to run the application in the simulator.To sign applications need $ 20 to pay by Credit Card and complete the form below, of course I could not open with Firefox it gives me an error (a PIN will be asked not to forget and that is used to install the Keys, and eye this is not the PIN of your Blackberry):
About 4 days after receiving the response from RIM in three emails, each has an attachment (client-RCR-1560404037.csi, client-RRT-1560404037.csi and client-RBB-1560404037.csi) these have to download and run on Computer where we will develop the application. Importantly, these firms are for a (01) single computer. This process will be asked a password (do not forget to put the same password at 3 Keys), this password is not the same PIN will also have to enter into this process and each time you sign an application, so do not miss .
Here I copy verbatim the guidance is in three emails sent by RIM:
The Following attachment Will allow the BlackBerry SignatureTool to register with the Signing Authority. Please Ensure That the BlackBerry Java Development Environment or BlackBerry Java Development Environment Component Package Has Been installed onto the workstation That Will Be Used to sign your BlackBerry Java applications.
To register the attachment, please follow the instructions below:
1) Double-click on the attachment.2) If a dialog box states That Appears That a private key can not be found, complete steps 3 through 6 before you continue. Otherwise, proceed to step 7.3) Click "Yes" to create a new key pair file.4) Type a password for your private key, and type it again to confirm.5) Click "Ok"6) Move your mouse to generate date for a new private key.7) In the "Registration PIN" field, type the PIN number Supplied That You signature key on the request form.8) In the Private Key password field, type a password of at least 8 characters. This is your private key password, Which Protects your private key. Please remember this password as you Will Be Prompt for Each Time signing it is attempted.9) Click "Register".10) Click "Exit".
Note: All 3 keys (RBB, RCR, RRT) Received Should Be Installed on the Same PC.Must Be The Same password for all keys Specified on the Same PC.
What programs are needed for development?Of course we need mainly the JDE, but also may develop with the IDE of your choice, for example there is a JDE Plugin for Eclipse. Netbase, Visual C and others.From here you can download the JDE in its various versions and other tools for Java development

From here: BlackBerry - Java Development Environment
The BlackBerry Java Development Environment includes the following development tools:• BlackBerry ® Integrated Development Environment (IDE)• BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator• Java ME APIs and BlackBerry APIs• Example Applications
The JDE in turn have some other tools required for proper installation and use.Among them are:
• Java ® SE Development Kit version 1.6 or higher. You can download it from here: Java SE Downloads - Sun Developer Network (SDN)

This image has been adjusted. Click this bar to view in full size. The original image size 592x130.

• Microsoft ® DirectX ® version 8.0 or later• Microsoft ® Windows Vista or Microsoft ® Windows ® XP Professional• Intel ® Pentium ® processor or compatible (800 MHz or higher)• Minimum 400 MB of RAM or more• Minimum 500 MB hard disk space available
This is the Blackberry home page for developers:BlackBerry - BlackBerry Developer Zone
Here's Manuals and other JDE (BlackBerry Java Development Environment). Estes is the IDE for developing Java codes.

From here:] http://na.blackberry.com/eng/deliverables/3802/development.pdf
Example of an Application Development
Estes is a simple example of a code in Java for the Development of a Web Launcher without Rollover Icon:First of all we must know esctructura and organized as an application. Each application or project in JDE should be placed in a separate folder.In Annex observe the structure of which we speak, at the top is the workspace Workspace or in our example is below or within ZonaBB.jdw then find the name of the project "ZonaBlackberry" (here we do not see the extension to but this file will be. jdp and is inside the folder "com". (It is not necessary to have recourse within this folder is the only way that everyone get organized, this is not the only way to develop an application, in programming or codes there are many paths that can lead to the same destination, so it is important to note is that the more simple and achieves its goal it will be much more efficient and effective. In this case it's just that Ihit of the form where the samples are stored: C: \ Program Files \ Research In Motion \ BlackBerry JDE 4.6.0 \ samples \ com \ rim \ samples ()Here too we can see that inside the folder "com" are two folders an "img" which keeps the image of the icon (ZonaBB2.png) and another named "ZonaBlackberry" where is the class or file. Java in our example is ZonaBlackberry.javaProject properties we can see by right clicking on the Project.
The tabs from left to right are:
General: from here to post the application title, version, owner, and description of the application:Application: from here you can specify what kind of project will be (CLDC Application, MIDlet or Library)Resources: from here we can add all the pictures or resources that your application will, in our example we will only have the icon in the Application.
Having defined the properties of our project proceed with the development of source code or source code.
Before signing the application, the simulator will try to rule out a bug or flaw in it, for this we go to Build> Build All and Run. (Depending on the JDE who have installed this will bring a Blackberry Device Simulator, version 4.6.0 simulator brings the Bold, the Storm Simulator 4.7, and so on
After proving that no errors proceed to construct the project in order to generate the files. Cod,. Jar and. Jad. To do this select the project ZonaBB.jdw and then go to Build> Build All

At the bottom we will see the log of the construction process, where we observe something like what is anexaesto which indicates that the APIs that we use in the classroom require a signature. "Requires signing with keys"We then proceed to sign the application for Build> Request Signatures ...
Pressed the lower left button that says Request (This requires an Internet connection)
We introduce the key to configure and accept (this requires internet connection)
Then we will see that already. Cod files are signed and appear in greenNow we can generate the. Alx for installation via Desktop Manager for the Project> Generate ALX file.Finally we have all the files together in the "com" we can copy and then upload to a server to download OTA or for distribution in the manner they see fit. Not to mention that it is necessary to install via OTA or SD files are required. Jad and. Cod, to install via Desktop Manager files are required. Alx and. Cod

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  2. sorna says:

    Thank you for the info. It sounds pretty user friendly. I guess I’ll pick one up for fun. thank u
    Blackberry Application


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