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Seen and considering that many ask the same thing, that there are many new people wanting to get rid of wintendo, and walk to avoid fighting that left here a distro install the distros Concise, requirements, and that p PUBLIC is intended.
First some basic terms that are understood as speech.
Distro, distribution: it is called, the "taste" so they choose, it's like going to a refrigerator, the base is the same "ice cream" but the "taste" is different. in this case our "ice cream" is GNU / Linux and "taste" its variants, ubuntu, debian, slackware, red hat, puppy, etc etc.
Linux is the operating system kernel Oncle is a software layer that connects the user using the software with the hardware of this, also prevents the software that is above l to communicate directly with hardware This avoids damage to our hardware ...
GNU is the operating system itself.GNU / Linux is the operating system with the Linux kernel (there are other kernel variants such as GNU / Hurd). While talking in the book of Lord Andrew Tanenbaum, Operating Systems Implementacin Diseoe the kernel is an operating system s the same, though, we can make an exception in this case as the author of this operating system, GNU / Linux, were two people who in no time decided to join forces for a project like this, ah, for the two sides be much more important within the system, as it is called this ... not to steal another author ydrselo merit, and both deserve the same recognition for their valuable work.
What Distro choose?
This depends on each, whichever is more cmode to use, but I can advise staff and Recommendation to unequivocally that 99% of mortals, Ubuntu will be the best eleccin. Both the amount of software available in their repositories, for his ability to install / use it.
the minimum requirements to use it (Ubuntu) are.
384 mb ramPIII processor at least 500 mhz
less than that would not recommend it at all, so it will be a slow heavy and uncomfortable to use, can try xubuntu, but for now do not recommend it if you do not meet these requirements minimum of hardware.
If estn below these requirements, you can use:

are very complete and in some cases even have some old software are useful to thegeneral PURPOSE. check mails, using MSN, and write text documents, navegacin In addition to web.

For computers with Ubuntu requirements above and / or if you want to migrate fromaforementioned distribution

  • Mint

  • Fedora

  • Mandriva

  • PCLinuxOs

  • DreamLinux

  • OpenSuse

  • If you want to start directly with Hacking

  • BackTrack

  • Wifislax

  • WifiWay

  • If you want to use a 100% free

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