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Because after a while without putting something chingon I met with these themes for your Windows XP system, for those who use it and if not fart, these issues are the most chidos to find, I garantiso, good as they are hints.


Concave VS:

Kemikal 3:

Area 4.2:

Well now wondering ... and how to install this mother fuck, because to get starteddeves download the Uxtheme Multi-patcher, this patch will correct windows options, so you can install themes on windows that usually blocks this option, once you'vepatched it deves restart the machine for the changes to take effect.

Uxtheme Multi-patcher

After rebooting we can turn to the source, bone folder C: \ Windows \ Resources \ Themes (you can type the path and open Run the browser), now every time you want to install a new topic there will decompress the Zip file contains the files needed for the subject is properly applied.

Now just select the theme you downloaded and installed earlier, just right click anywhere on desktop and properties dl, and the rest is coming in the image a continuation.


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